Import calculator

All values are in Norwegian kroner. Use the currency converter to see the results in another currency.

Items and shipping 849,27
Currency exchange premium 14,86
Customs 0,00
Value added tax 0,00
Customs clearance fees 0,00
Sum 864,13
Purchase price 864,13
Due on arrival 0,00
(2 % in taxes and fees – explained below)

Importing books to Norway for private use

Books including shipping costs with a value of 849,27 Norwegian kroner (NOK) bought for 100,00 American dollar (USD) plus Visa/MasterCard’s currency exchange premium of 14,86 NOK adds up to a total purchase sum of 864,13 NOK. This last sum is what you pay to the online store at the time of purchase.

Printed books and magazines (see a liste of exceptions) for personal consumption are excluded from paying any value added tax.