Import calculator

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Items and shipping 844,13
Currency exchange premium 12,66
Customs 0,00
Value added tax 211,00
Customs clearance fees 205,50
Sum 1273,29
Purchase price 856,79
Due on arrival 416,50
(34 % in taxes and fees – explained below)

Importing leather clothes to Norway for private use

Leather clothes including shipping costs with a value of 844,13 Norwegian kroner (NOK) bought for 100,00 American dollar (USD) plus American Express’s currency exchange premium of 12,66 NOK adds up to a total purchase sum of 856,79 NOK. This last sum is what you pay to the online store at the time of purchase.

The purchase price is above the 350 NOK 350 NOK value added tax and customs exemption limit. You must pay 25,00 % of the purchase price in value added taxes which equals equals 211,00 NOK.There is no customs tariff on leather clothes

TNT charges a 205,50 NOK customs clearance fee for processing government fees on your behalf.

You’ll owe 416,50 NOK in government and other fees to be paid to TNT on arrival. The currency exchange rate used to calculate government fees are based on next week’s exchange rates as provided by Norwegian Customs (Tollvesenet).